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Expiry upgrades.

For a site that updates posts often these are useful.

Allow expiry to extend, if customer purchases same post extend the current expiry time. Currently it will just reset to 45 days if customer buys again even with time left.

Multiple expiry function, 30, 60, 90 days access. Good for up sells “Hey for just $10.00 more double your access time to 60 days”. Also eliminates multiple post creation just for different expiry days.

Make expiry setting not effect current customers expiry access. Say I have 45 days for post purchase but a week later decide 30 is better for my situation, those past customers who paid for 45 days just lost out of 15 days instantly with current setup. This happened recently where I changed the expiry day value on all my PPP from the database quickly.

Default expiry setting preset, meta selection for default settings to be enabled for all new posts created. All new posts in the PPP category will have expiry of 45 days enabled, customer expiry showing turned on, etc.. Also option to update all current posts or custom selection of posts whenever you change the default. Foogallery Pro has this option to update all galleries or custom selection based off a current gallery.

Add new purchased attribute for expiry remaining to show on list title, results would be similar to the Expired Access one recently added easily customized. “Great new pay per post for you to buy Oct 2019 (Access remaining 21 days/10 views)” etc..

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