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Order Information (Time Remaining)

i think ppp should have a style to select , such as classic time and countdown time for example, so that buying that do not understand the existing features of time remaining will also get to see the other features.

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Auto Complete Virtual & Digital Orders

Add in the option to have all virtual and digital orders auto complete. This would eliminate the need for users to have to change the status of the order in order to gain access to the protected content.

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Wp pay per post

Feature proposition: add purchased content featured image miniature to purchased content list in user account.

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Expiry upgrades.

For a site that updates posts often these are useful. Allow expiry to extend, if customer purchases same post extend the current expiry time. Currently it will just reset to 45 days if customer buys again even with time left. Multiple expiry function, 30, 60, 90 days access. Good for up sells “Hey for just […]

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