This is a super simple plugin which displays a full page welcome ad for visitors. I created this plugin out of necessity as I needed a welcome ad plugin that would adhere the new Google Ad Experience guidelines for interstitial ads. The requirements state that no content can be visible to a user before your interstitial appears, that means even if your content flashes for a split second before your ad shows your site will not pass.

Like the title of the plugin says, this is super simple. The welcome ad has only a few options, feel free to request new features and I can try to incorporate.

The welcome ad is designed to NOT show on mobile devices only Desktops.


  • Only displays on Desktop
  • 15 Second Countdown Timer
  • Set how long you want ad to be hidden for after someone closes ad
  • Ability to upload background image
  • Ability to change color of welcome ad background
  • NEW Ability to schedule start date and end date for welcome ad to run.

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“Simple Welcome Ad” is open source software.


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Plugin Details

  • Version1.3.1
  • Updated8/15/2018
  • Released6/14/2018

Tested Up To

  • WordPress5.2.2


  • WordPress4.8+
  • PHP5.6+